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Here’s an interesting TBT for ya. I took this pic exactly seven years ago of what was at the time the extent of our corn cob pipe offering. Can name some of the shapes that have been added or changed since 2011? #Aristocob #CobLife #LightUpASmile Visit

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2018 Amateur Classic Cobfoolery Entries (So far!)

Here's the entire Amateure Classic playlist:

The 2018-2019 Homegrown Cobfoolery kits are now available!

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The 2018-2019 Homegrown Cobfoolery kits are now available for purchase. Now you can grow your own high-quality cobs from genuine Missouri Meerschaum seed corn. With the kit you will receive 9 seeds (Actually we send 20) two wooden shanks, two steel ferrules, two Royal bits and you will be qualified to enter several exclusive competitions, including the 2019 "Homegrown Cobfoolery" category of our annual Cobfoolery Contest! Click the link for all the details and watch our Youtube channel for the results of the 2018 "Homegrown Cobfoolery" category, which will be awarded the first week of May. #Cobfoolery #Cobfoolery2018 #HomegrownCobfoolery #HomegrownCobfoolery2018 #MissouriMeerschaum #CornCobPipe #DIYCobPipe #Aristocob #CobLife #LightUpASmile

Finishing up your #Cobfoolery entry? Tomorrow night will be the last weekly drawing

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Finishing up your #Cobfoolery entry? Tomorrow night will be the last weekly drawing and up for grabs is one of the last #Rusticob pipes. Not Juliet a Rusticob, it’s a Diplomat Egg at that. What are you waiting for? #Aristocob #CobLife #LightUpASmile #CornCobPipe #MissouriMeerschaum #CobMod

Had a fun evening of #Lunting around Naples, CA

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Had a fun evening of #Lunting around Naples, CA with my #Broworker Joe after some fine BBQ @lucilles_bbq. #Aristocob #CobLife #LightUpASmile

Things got a little bit silly as I drew the name of the winner of the Week One Drawing in the 2018 Cobfoolery Contest.

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Things got a little bit silly as I drew the name of the winner of the Week One Drawing in the 2018 Cobfoolery Contest. Be sure to check the playlist of all the entries at #Cobfoolery #CobLife #LightUpASmile

The (mostly true) History of the Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe Company

The Missouri Meerschaum Company is the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of cool, sweet-smelling corn cob smoking pipes and has been located in picturesque Washington, Missouri since 1869. Douglas MacArthur and George Lincoln Rockwell were perhaps the most famous smokers of this type of pipe, along with the cartoon characters Popeye and Frosty the Snowman.
Corncob pipes remain popular today because they are inexpensive and require no difficult break-in period like briar pipes. For these two reasons, corncob pipes are often recommended as a Beginners pipe, but, their enjoyment is by no means limited to beginners. Corncob pipes are equally valued by both learners and experienced smokers who simply desire a cool, clean smoke. Pipesmokers who wish to sample a wide variety of different tobaccos and blends also might keep a stock of corncobs on hand to permit them to try new flavors without carryover from an already-used pipe. Pipe smoking, in general, is often chosen as a great weaning tool for folks who are looking to quit smoking cigarettes, and corncob pipes are excellent for this type of stop smoking technique.  
The cobs used for these pipes are grown exclusively for use by Missouri Meerschaum, and were developed for them by the University of Missouri! Following the proper curing time, they are transformed by dedicated and skilled craftsmen into genuine Missouri Meerschaums.
It is our honest belief that there is no substitute for quality and excellence. With cheap import pipes now on the market we are especially conscious of that fact, so we chose to partner with the worldwide leader in quality corn cob pipes. We pledge that we will continue to provide you with the finest corn cob pipes, the finest packaging, and our commitment to service. We welcome and value your business.
Want to learn more? Read on...
In 1869 a Dutch immigrant woodworker named Henry first began production of the corn cob pipe. Legend has it that a local farmer whittled a pipe out of corn cob and liked it so much he asked Henry to try turning some on his lathe. The farmer was well-pleased with his pipes so Henry made a few more and put them for sale in his shop. They proved to be such a fast selling item that soon Henry spent more time making pipes for his customers than working with wood. Soon Henry went into full-time production of corn cob pipes. In 1907 Henry’s company became the Missouri Meerschaum Company.
The word Meerschaum is taken from a German word that means sea foam. It is a Turkish clay used in high-grade pipes. Henry likened his light, porous pipes and their cool smoke to that of the more expensive meerschaum pipes and coined the name Missouri Meerschaum for his pipes. Henry and a chemist friend devised an innovative system of applying a plaster-based substance to the outside of the corn cob bowls to make a smoother, more presentable pipe. In 1878, Henry was granted a US patent for this process. You can find this patent for sale in our eBay store.
A nationwide distribution system was established for the sale of his pipes. Other pipe firms also developed; by 1925 there were as many as a dozen corn cob pipe companies in Franklin County, most of them in Washington. Today, Missouri Meerschaum stands alone as the first and only surviving piece of the living history. These gentle pipes are smoked and loved all over the world as well as being used as souvenirs, often imprinted with the name of the city, business or event.
Want even more information?
Visit for even more of our nerd-level knowledge of Missouri Meerschaum pipes. 

Getting the most out of your corn cob pipes

We offer the following tips to lengthen the life of your Missouri Meerschaum Corncob Pipe and to enrich your smoking enjoyment.
  • Fill the pipe bowl with layers of tobacco that are not too tightly packed. This will keep your pipe more evenly lit. One old tip is to fill your bowl three ways: First sprinkle the tobacco loosely into the bowl and pack it (or tamp it, as we smokers call it) with a child’s touch. Second, sprinkle a second load into the bowl and tamp it with a woman’s touch. (Sorry ladies) Finally, fill the bowl one last time and tamp it like a man. The goal here is to create enough air space to allow for an easy draw, but without gaps in the tobacco which could cause it to go out prematurely.

  • As you smoke use a tamp to tamp the tobacco down gently to keep the unburned tobacco in contact with the burning embers. (Yes, TAMP is both a noun and a verb.) This little trick improved the duration of my smoking enjoyment immensely, plus it added another neat tool to my smoke kit!

  • Drawing gently, in short puffs will help to prevent tongue bite. Tongue bite is a euphemistic way of saying the tip of your tongue will get BBQ’d! Settle the pipe in the corner of your mouth with your tongue against the mouthpiece, and try to keep your hands off the pipe. The part about the corner of the mouth isn’t so much to improve your smoking experience as much as to keep you from looking like a goofball.

  • After each smoke run a pipe cleaner through the stem to keep it clear of debris and to remove excess moisture from saliva and from the humid smoke generated by properly stored tobacco.

  • Though it looks cool in the movies, never knock your pipe against a hard surface like the sole of your shoe. Knock it, instead, against the palm of your hand while holding the stem firmly in the middle.

  • Switching, or resting your pipes frequently helps to prevent bitterness or what I like to call pipe-funk. This time-out will allow your corn cob pipe to dry out, which will not only reward you with a more pleasurable smoke but will also lengthen its life. We suggest owning several pipes and rotating through them. Many say you should own seven pipes so that you have a fresh one each day of the week. We suggest you should own at least 31 pipes, and not just because we sell them. Honest.

  • It may be an old husband’s tale, but just in case… long-time smokers say to smoke your first bowl of tobacco in a new pipe all the way through without allowing it to go out. They say that if the first bowl goes out, the pipe will tend to go out at that same place each time you smoke it. Sounds like voodoo to me, but just in case I never smoke in the same place twice.  

  • Some say that if you enjoy an especially sweet smoke that you should try coating the inside of your new pipe with a thin layer of honey before your first smoke. This may work with briar pipes, but in the case of cobs, we suggest you save your honey for your biscuits.
Well, that’s about all for now. Please stop by to see our entire line of unique pipes and gifts and to learn more interesting information.



Please be aware that the Missouri Meerschaum Pipe Company is the ONLY U.S. Manufacturer of corn cob pipes. While you may find old/vintage corn cob pipes on eBay from other defunct US brands, all other pipes which are being marketed as new corn cob pipes are manufactured in communist China from poor quality corn cobs. One Chinese brand even has the nerve to call itself “Original Corn Cob Pipes"! 

A few Chinese pipes that you might want to be aware of are being sold under the names: 

"Classic CORN COB tobacco Smoking Pipe with FREE Screens"
.  FYI: Screens are not used for smoking tobacco... 

"Popeye Corn Cob Pipe" 
This one makes me laugh.  The seller even has a YouTube clip from the Robin Williams "POPEYE" movie.  The problem is that Robin's pipes were made for the movie by Missouri Meerschaum!  

“Original Corn Cob Pipes" 
As mentioned above, this pipe comes from a plant in China that didn't even exist a few years ago, while the true ORIGINAL corn cob pipes are made by Missouri Meerschaum in Washington, Missouri USA, and have been since the 1880's! 

Another trend that pipe buyers need to know is that used corn cob pipes are being sold as “estate pipes” and some are being promoted as “refurbished”.  What's really amazing is that many of these used pipes are selling for substantially more than new pipes.  When in doubt if the pipe is new or used, ask the seller before you bid. 

As inexpensive as original American Made Missouri Meerschaum pipes are, there’s no reason to settle for used or cheap imitation pipes. ‘Nuff said. 

Visit for genuine American-made Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes.