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It's time to VOTE for the winner of the 2017 Cobfoolery Professional Entries!

It's time to cast your vote for the Cobfoolery Pro Class entries. We are thrilled to have so many amazing pipes entered this year by some truly talented pipe makers! While we have a team of pipe professionals judging the amateur entries but YOU are a judge of the Pro class.

Here's a playlist of all of the 2017 Cobfoolery Pro Classic entries

Here's a playlist of all of the 2017 Cobfoolery Pro Freehand entries

After previewing the video entries click the link below and vote for your choice of winner in both the Classic & Freehand shape categories.

Voting will end at midnight EST Friday May 13th, 2017 and winners will be announced on Sunday, May 7th.

Patent Nerd strikes again: Motorized Tobacco Pipe Filler from 1953 (granted in 1956)

Automatic car pipe fillerThe other night I was looking for an old article about a tablesaw when I stumbled across this short article about a new patent that was granted in 1956 for an "Automatic Smoking Pipe Filler" or as the article deemed it a "Motorized Pouch to Fill Pipe".  The photo shows a dapper gent behind the wheel with a pipe in his right hand either descending upon or being removed from a device that is mounted to the car's dashboard.  The text states that "With this reloading device on his dashboard, a pipe-smoking driver could fill his briar (corn cob!) without taking his eyes off the road. Inserting a pipe in the base would energize the unit causing it to discharge and tamp a bowlful of tobacco."

How cool would that be? I mean, if it really worked why aren't these in ALL cars?  This thing really captured my imagination as I thought about what sort of mechanism would be required to accomplish this feat.

I had to know, so off I went to the USPTO.gov site to see what I could learn.  Here's a pic of the second page of the patent granted to Alphonse J. Marquis that best shows what is going on inside the pipe filler.  There's a bit of a paddle behind the spout that when pressed with the pipe bowl triggers a micro-switch on the right hand side of the unit.  That causes a small, but low-geared motor to cycle and lift and then lower a plunger though a bin containing the tobacco. This plunger appears to not only push the tobacco forward and out through the bottom of the container, but this comes to rest at the bottom and acts as a stopper to prevent tobacco for flowing out between uses.   Brilliant!

Now I wonder if this ever went into production and if so, where can I see one? Please let me know if you have any information about this.  

Is "Lunting" really a word, or just hipster speak?

Recently on the forum of the site www.ThisPipeLife.com I posted this photo showing a letter and a sticker that I received from the International Lunting Society upon my membership.  https://www.lunting.org

One of the well-established members of the forum chimed in and after first stating his credentials as a "retired journalist/photographer and magazine editor" (aka: word nerd) he mentioned that none of his dictionaries defined lunting as anything beyond smoking or smoking a pipe and he conjectured that defining lunting as smoking a pipe while walking was probably just made up recently by a hipster.

Unfortunately, in my laziness, I quoted the Urban Dictionary in my initial post.  To remedy that I spent some time Googling (verb) and found a couple early references to Lunting as "Walking & Smoking".

The oldest document found on Google Books is from The Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia which simply states: "Lunting - Walking and smoking a pipe".  Looks like an open and shut case, but I dug on.

From there I wound up finding a definition of lunting in The English Dialect DictionaryYou'll have to slide down to the bottom of point #4 I, b., but there it is again.

So, I'm not saying that this was an exhaustive search, but it did put my mind at rest. Now I'm going to stick my new ILS sticker on my van and go for a ride and a smoke. In other words; "Vanting".

P.S. Get your own cool-smoking corn cob pipes from www.Aristocob.com and enjoy happy lunting!

An excellent video about a pipe smoker coming to terms with his cob snobbery

I had the pleasure of meeting "Handlebar Mike" at the 2017 TAPS Pipe & Tobacco Expo last week and apparently a conversation we had stuck in his craw.


Been playing around with the Aristocob Youtube channel

Years ago I gave up on adding a title and bumper music to my Youtube videos. Not only was it time consuming to add the edit to what was otherwise a quick iPhone upload, but I realized how much I hated waiting through other people's intros so why would I put others through the same treatment if I didn't have to? 
On the other hand I recently got fed-up with the limited choice that Youtube was giving me for thumbnails so I started playing around with adding "better" ones myself.  I mean, hit the pause button at any moment in a video and odds are it will not look appealing in the least. 

So here's one of the new thumbnails. What do you think? 

By the way, you can get your own Dagner Cob from Aristocob

Google Voice transcription has a long way to go.

I received a voice message via Google Voice, and while the message came through just fine I had to laugh at the transcription:

Hi Scott, My name is Grain, Staples, I'm down in south city ordered a couple of a diplomat, Thank you for or wherever. Not that general put the shore We're all going to call from you to see if that would be maybe call my be a weaker to go and I got a movie and i was like and I'm a little bit and get them with you, and one of them and a pretty large trial out of, well, actually. One large on one medium shock out of the you worry m of the pie. And a little bit of a I don't know what happened to it. But softened got a hold of it and The Chelsea ordering. Not necessarily a crack all the way through. The Rambo crack on top of the room for sure. And so I was curious. If you could do something about that for me gimme a call back. I need to talk to you a picture this thing. I can't. It's (601) xxx-xxxx  And I don't like. As soon as the for me. Just wanted to get after, but since I've given you and it looks like it might be something I need to ask you about. So, gimme a buzz (601) xxx-xxxx . I'd appreciate it, bye bye.

Like I said, once I listened to the message I was good to go, but the translation wasn't even close.  It is an amazing thing that Google is able to translate voice to text, but I look forward to this feature getting better.  

Tigtening Loose Missouri Meerschaum Pipe Stems (Bits)

Loose bits/stems in Missouri Meerschaum pipes.
If you've purchased a MM cob recently you may have noticed that the bit (as they call them) was loose.
Recently made MM pipes with the loose bits and ferrules have a wooden stem that MM is getting from a new vendor in Maine. Since they have about 150,000 of the new wood stems in stock they have attempted to come up with a way at the factory to “swell them up”. As experienced cob smokers know, the wood stem swells up some after they are smoked, so normally within a few smokes they fit snugly.
Personally I have had this issue with a half dozen pipes in my 35 years of smoking and I have three proven methods of dealing with them (and one that I've retired):
1.) Smoke it. As I said above, this usually does the trick after just a few bowls.
2.) If the bit is too loose to even get a few bowls smoked I wrap a single wrap of Teflon tape around the tenon. Since the stem will swell quickly enough I now use this option instead of modifying the stem or tenon and once things tighten-up I remove the tape. No Teflon tape on hand? Use any tape you have on hand but understand that you'll have to use a solvent to remove the sticky adhesive residue.
3.) Use the "hot water method" to heat the tenon and once soft gently press the end of a pen into the tenon to cause it to swell slightly. I no longer use this method as my first line of defense because once the wooden stem swells the bit will be crazy-tight.
4.) Glue a strip of paper or a shaving from a hand plane inside the stem. I even did a video on this several years ago.
I haven't done #4 in years, but if 1-3 don't work this is what I've done in the past. If you purchased your pipe from us and it doesn't tighten-up, we'll replace the pipe.

Here are a couple old vids on the topic:

A size comparison between the new Missouri Meerschaum Mark Twain and the 5th Ave

Someone on the PipeSmokersForum asked for a size comparison between the new Missouri Meerschaum Mark Twain and the 5th Ave (Kolonel), so here they are together.
Get yours at www.aristocob.com

Meet the Shortstop pipe from Aristocob and Missouri Meerschaum

We have been dealing with some outrageous time-suckers in our lives for the past few weeks and haven't been able to get several new pipes posted on Aristocob.com including the new Shortstop. There has been a lot of talk on the pipe smoking forums about the new Mark Twain, the Tom Sawyer and the Huck Finn, and from what I can tell you at this moment they won't be available until July 4th.  The good news is that we have the new Shortstop pipe in stock and hope to have it ready for purchase before the end of Memorial Day.  The Shortstop is as small of a corn cob pipe as I have ever seen, yet it immediately earned a place in my pipe bag.  Have you ever wished you had a small pipe for tasting samples of new tobaccos?  Have you ever wished you had a pipe small enough to join your coworkers during a cigarette break?  The Shortstop is the pipe for you.

As you can see in the photo the Shortstop is available with either a black or amber bit and despite its small bowl it is the perfect length.  Here it is shown in the foreground with the Pony Express and the Legend in the background. 

Watch for the Shortstop corn cob pipe at Aristocob.com

It's November, so it's International Corn Cob Pipe Month at Aristocob.com!

It's hard to believe that it's actually been 5 years since we deemed November as "International Corn Cob Pipe Month", but that looks to be the case.

I was in such a rush when I recorded the announcement video below that I forgot to mention the other goodies that come with the celebration of ICCPM.  Place a corn cob pipe order during the month of November 2013 and you'll receive one free "Patented Aristocob Pipe Tamper" and a free replacement bit for each pipe on your order.  That's not too shabby, especially if you are purchasing a Freehand pipe with the Vulcanized rubber bit, which is a $8 value!

As if that wasn't enough, how would you like to shave some money too?  OK, when you get to the check-out enter the coupon code "ICCPM2013" and we'll deduct 10% off the price of your merchandise. 

Do yourself a favor and watch this video and get in on our video contest, and there's a good chance that you'll earn yourself a $20 shopping spree of MORE! 

"A Gentleman's Weekend"

We received a neat email and photo today that I thought I'd share with you.  If I haven't mentioned this lately, we have the best customers in the world!  Scott

You may remember several years back you helped me put together a starter kit for about 12 of my close friends. Well it was the start to a great tradition. We've all upgraded within your line of Missouri Meershaum corncobs over time, from those first Missouri Pride pipes. But your corncob pipes are now an enduring part of seeing off each man as he heads off toward marriage.
This past weekend we celebrated the upcoming marriage of our 8th man, and as we have done with each before him, we gathered for a gentleman's weekend of camping, fishing, and sharing of stories - of course we brought along our cobs.
I just wanted to thank you for your help in starting this great tradition among friends - while it is a rare indulgence for some of us, its one we look forward to whenever the occasion calls.



Upgrading the Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman

If you've watched any of my videos over the years you may have noticed that the Country Gentleman corn cob pipe from Missouri Meerschaum has always been one of my favorite pipes.  Unfortunately the Gent has never featured the hardwood plug in the bottom that's found on the more "premium" cobs, so it's possible that they might burn-through the bottom over time.

I've never personally had a burn-through, but seeing that the Country Gentleman pipe is the same price as the cobs that do have the plug, I've been bugging the folks at MM to add that as an improvement to the Gent for quite some time.

I am so happy to report that as of a few weeks ago the Country Gentleman now features a wooden plug!  (Pause for applause) 

On an interesting side note; last year as we were dealing with the "Incredible Shrinking Cobs of 2012" I pulled from our inventory what has got to be the smallest Country Gentleman ever made.  Fast forward to today as I was looking for an old Gent to picture next to a new one in order to show you the difference in the bottom and I fount that puny pipe.  Lick on the pic above to Biggie-Size it to see what the new plug looks like, and to give thanks that we haven't been seeing any small cobs like that recently.

Condensation in a new Amber Danish pipe bit

I just swapped-out several of my cob's bits (stems, mouthpieces) with the new Amber Danish bit and I really love the look and feel of them.  After smoking a bowl from a newly opened tin of McClelland Christmas Cheer 2012 I was surprised to see the water-works that were going on in the semi-transparent bit!  Man, that's some moist tobacco. (Click the pic to Biggie-Size it)

The new Missouri Meerschaum Amber Danish bit is available as a replacement from Aristocob.com for any of the filtered MM pipes.  That includes the Diplomat, the General. the Country Gentleman, the 5th Avenue (That we call the Kolonel), all of the "Woodie" of maple pipes and even the smaller pipes like the Legend, the Washington, the Ozark Mountain and the Missouri Pride.

The coolest thing about these amber bits is the wonderfully dark patina that they gain after a few dozen smokes.  The photo at right shows a bit that I've had in rotation for a few months against the brand new one that was just put into service.  Isn't that top bit gorgeous? 


Smoking pipe sends radio transitions to CIA operatives!

OK, now this is just cool.  This pipe is from an online collection on the CIA's website.  It's a sub-miniature radio receiver that is concealed in a modified pipe.  The user hears the sound via "bone conduction" from the jaw to the ear canal.  How cool is that?

Here's the link to this pipe, and be sure to click around the entire collection.  https://www.cia.gov/about-cia/cia-museum/experience-the-collection/index.html#!/artifact/131

Sad news from Cornell and Diehl

I just receive the news that Craig Tarler, founder of Cornell and Diehl pipe tobacco company has passed away. I had the pleasure of meeting Craig during a drop-in on their NC facility a few years back on a cold, rainy Saturday while heading to Gatlinburg. Craig was smoking away on his pipe and after a friendly greeting and a short tour, he passed me on to his son who gave me the full fifty cent tour. Upon my departure Craig gave me several tins of their fine products, and as I've mentioned before, they have been kind to Aristocob.com by supplying us with most of our Taste Bud samples for the first six months of our promotion. Craig was a neat fellow and we are blessed to have had his influence in our industry.
Here's an official statement from Cornell and Diehl:

DIY Bagder Hair Bristle Shaving Brush

It doesn't happen very often that several of my interests converge, but it turns out that there are some neat DIY shaving items available that I'm excited to try.  As you can see in the attached video, I recently got a dual edge Gillette razor as a gift from my uncle (It's from 1966 and it's NEW!) and now I'm needing a better brush.  Woodcraft just happens to have genuine Badger brush parts so I can make my own brush! 

Here's a link to Woodcraft's Badger Hair Bristle Shaving Brush and related Shaving Stuff It looks like a great deal, but please note that you'll need to purchase a 20mm Forstner Bit too.  Heck, perhaps the best plan of attack would be to make a couple extra and toss them out on eBay?  Let me know if you do that.

FF to around the 3:45 point to skip the ramble.

How about a FREE Riccardo Santia Corn Cob Pipe?

As I mentioned in a recent video (below) we are looking for a "Naming Convention" for the Riccardo Santia Ultimate Corn Cob Pipes.  The link leads to a Wikipedia page that sort of explains what a naming convention is, but in general terms it would be like naming the individual pipes after the names of Popeye characters, or after citys, or lakes, etc.  The prize for the winning convention will be the new "First Generation" Riccardo Santia pipe shown in the photo.

The contest runs through July 6th, and there is seriously a bonus if your naming convention is chosen, AND you shared it in the form of a Video Response on Youtube.  Good luck!
Here's the video where I explain the naming contest:

This is an update where I share some new Ultimate Corn Cob Pipes and give more details on the contest.

Your new Riccardo Santia Ultimat Corn Cob pipe is ready

It’s been a bit of a journey, but the first batch of Riccardo Santia “Ultimate Corn Cob Pipes” are in their new homes, and hopefully being put to good use.  Just last night we posted the over 20 on www.Aristocob.com and as I type this 12 hours later we have sold 4 of them.  Of course the first one sold was the one that I was thinking about buying for myself!  I thought I’d share a few photos with you that you might like. 
The first one is a photo of what Riccardo and I consider the first generation.  Most of these pipes were awarded as prizes in a contest on the Aristocob Youtube channel as we were looking for feedback on the pipes. 

The next photo (With all the letters next to the pipes) is the pic that was sent out to all the guys who committed sight unseen to purchase one of the pipes from the first batch of what we call generation two.  These are what we are currently calling the Riccardo Santia Ultimate Corn Cob Pipe line, and these showed a major evolution in Riccardo’s skill, as well as a vast improvement in the cobs themselves.  These pipes are made from genuine Missouri Meerschaum cobs that Riccardo now purchases unfinished from MM.  You really can’t beat the quality of the cobs that MM has grown for their use, and we were pleasantly surprised that the folks at MM are willing to support a “competitive” pipe maker.   Our hat is off to Phil Morgan, General Manager at Missouri Meerschaum..

Finally I’m sharing a couple pics of a few of the pipes that have just been posted to Aristocob.com.  Some of these have already sold, but other like them will be on their way, so check back or contact us with your request.  Click any of these pics to Biggie-Size them.

I've noticed that the Ultimate Corn Cob Pipes that catch my eyes are ones that I'd describe as partially smooth and partially rusticated.  Two pipes shown here have really captured my heart, and unfortunately the bent one is the one that was sold out from under me.  

Get your own Riccardo Santia Ultimate Corn Cob Pipe at www.Aristocob.com.  Click on the Riccardo Santia link on the left side of the home page.

2012 Pipe Smokers Survey

Two years ago one of my favorite web sites, PipesMagazine.com conducted a fascinating survey of just under 1000 pipe smokers.  It covered such things as current age, age you began smoking, how much you've spent on any single pipe, and so on.

I was excited when I learned that they were conducting another survey, and it looks like I just squeaked in under the deadline.  This morning I received the preliminary results and just as before they are quite interesting.  Below is a link to both the 2012 and the 2010 survey, and I think you'll see as I did that they've done an excellent job improving the visuals and keeping the topics varied and interesting.  

Another job well done by Kevin Godbee!

2012 PipesMagazine.com Pipe Smokers Survey

2010 PipesMagazine.com Pipe Smokers Survey

Hi. I'm Scott, and I smoke Lane 1Q

Several times a week I get an email or PM asking what tobacco I enjoy.  I'm always reluctant to answer that because I know that tastes vary so much. I normally suggest that the new smoker visit tobaccoreviews.com , but even then it's still just a bunch of individuals giving their opinion. 

So, in the interest of getting it out there, I smoke many different tobaccos, including many that are manufactured by Cornell and Diehl, but in the end I have to admit that for the most part I smoke Lane 1Q. I was thinking about this one day, and I'd be willing to bet that I've smoked half my weight in Lane 1Q, which is just about what my doctor says I should weigh!

Lane 1Q is most similar to the OTC tobacco Captain Black Royal, which is sold in the blue pouch.  In fact, they are both made by Lane Limited and while the recipes are slightly different, Captain Blacks Royal is almost identical to Lane 1Q.  As for the other Lane bulk tobaccos vs Captain Black, Lane RLP-6 and Captain Black White are quite similar. Both of these bulk tobacco blends are sold at your local tobacconist, though they may have their own names for them.  Just ask for the Lane product by name (number) and they'll direct you to the proper jar.

There's a great article on the differences between the most popular over the counter tobaccos, including Captain Black, over at PipesMagazine.com.

The Riccardo Santia YABO's are starting to roll in

If you missed it, we have received the fist ten Riccardo Santia "Ultimate" custom corn cob pipes, and because I opened my fat mouth and mentioned a price that was $10 lower than what Riccardo and I ultimately agreed to as a MSRP, we decided that we'd allow the first 6 pipes to go for the price that I mentioned in my video. These preordered pipes have been trickling out as each person on the list selects their pipe, and we just noticed the first YABO ("Yet Another Box Opening") was just posted for one of the first pipes we shipped. Here's that first YABO and there's one funny moment to watch for. I failed to mention that Riccardo (Whom I call "Carlos") added a bamboo tamper to each order, and when Steve pulls it from the pipe pouch you can see that he has a moment where he is wondering if the pipe arrive in pieces. More to come and if you are interested in getting your own Riccardo Santia pipe, check them out at www.Aristocob.com

With so many options, which corn cob pipe should I smoke?

I just received the following message from a new smoker, and after typing my response to him I decided that you might want to hear the answer too.

Dear sir. 
 I am new to smoking and got two very nice pipes from a friend of mine (briar). I would like to get two pipes from you to break myself into pipe smoking. Do you have some good recommendations for me to look at? I am a cigar smoker for 1 year and would like a pipe that smokes 10-40 minutes and one that smokes 30-60 minutes. Any suggestions or help is very appreciated.  Jamie 

Hey Jamie,
For a quick smoke I would suggest one of the following as they are all basically the same pipe with a different finish:
The Legend
This is Missouri Meerschaum's most popular pipe, and it's the one most people think of when they think of a corn cob pipe.  The bit is amber in color and the bowl has a slight yellow color that's added to the finish on the cob.  This cob is filled, but is still a little rough.

The Missouri Pride
This pipe is completely unfinished, or "Neked".  Some folks like this, others don't.  The cob is very rough but it smokes nicely.  This is probably the one pipe that I would say is most likely to burn-through.  The bit is black.

The Washington
This is a rather sophisticated cob.  It is filled with plaster before being smoothed and finished with a clear finish.  The bit is black.

The Ozark Mountain
Again, this is the same size as the pipes listed above, but rather than being made of cob it's made entirely of the hardwood birch. 

As for the longer smoker, I'm a fan of several:
The Gentleman
I LOVE this pipe!  This would be my all-around favorite if only it had the hardwood bottom like the others listed below.  This has the same black bit as is found on the pipes listed above.  I always swap these out.  Read on...

The Diplomat
This has become my everyday pipe in my van and in my shop.  Depending on what I smoke in it, it will last me from 30-45 minutes.  Like the Washington the cob on the Diplomat is filled, finished with a clear finish and has a black bit; but the bit on this pipe is my favorite.  It's called the Danish bit, and it's the bit that I use on all my pipes.  The Diplomat is also available with a rare earth magnet sit into the bottom and is sold as the Magnacob.  You can see it at Magnacob.com

The General
This is a very large bowl, but not ridiculously so.  This pipe will smoke 40-60 minutes every time.  It has the same smooth finish that's found on the Diplomat, and also features the Danish bit.

The Freehand
This pipe is just in a class by itself.  It's hand turned on a lathe and is in the style of the classic freehand briar pipes.  It has a very expensive vulcanized rubber bit, that's just like the aftermarket bits that are sold elsewhere for $20 and up for just the bit alone.  This is the perfect pipe to put on your birthday wish list. 

Final thoughts:
With the exception of the Freehand, all of these pipes can accommodate a filter.  You don not have to smoke them with the filter installed, and many people actually cut the filters into two or three short sections to act as an ash catcher rather than a filter.  

I am not a huge fan of the Patriot or the MacArthurs.   The bits are very slim and delicate and are prone to breaking, and the Macs are very though to keep lit.

Gentlemen, allow me to introduce "The Kernel"

In response to the lack of large diameter cobs that they need to make the apple-shaped Diplomat, Missouri Meerschaum has informed us that they are reintroducing an old bowl shape that was used in the original Diplomats called the "5th Avenue".  If you click on the photo at right you'll get a better look at it.  The pipe in question are the three on the card that have the straight, cylindrical sides.  I like the shape a lot, but to my eye it's more of a small General than is is a Diplomat.

How about a little story?

When I was a teenager my dad was a US Air Force Colonel and was the second in command of the F-16 program.  This was way back in the late 1970's-'81 and one of my favorite things to do when visiting his office was to change his name on his white board (something that was new and exciting back then) from "Colonel Markwood" to "Kernel Markwood".  It always made me laugh, and I'm sure it annoyed him to no end.

So it is with that thought that I'm happy to announce that while we will begin stocking the new 5th Avenue pipe, it will be sold at Aristocob.com as "The Kernel" or perhaps as "The Kolonel".  The best news of all is that The Kernel will soon be available as a Magnacob as well! 

Where do you stick you Magnacob?

Someone asked a question about the Magnacob that I didn't know the answer to: Is the magnet strong enough for it to stick to a drywall screw in a wall. I had no idea, so of course in the interest of science...


A Fun Change With Our "Taste Buds" Tobacco Sample Program

As I explained on the video below, we've been giving away so many "Taste Bud" tobacco samples that we've decided to change the way we are announcing them. Instead of shooting a video each time we are going to ship the samples with a simple code on the bag, and then we'll post the code here on our blog, as well as a link to the tobacco on tobaccoreviews.com. If you've received a FREE Taste Bud pipe tobacco sample, or if it you have experience with the tobaccos that we post, we encourage you to leave your review either here, or on our Facebook page.

Here's the list of Tastes Buds so far:

McClellan's "Easy Street"

Cornell & Diehl's "Burley Flake #1"

Cornell & Diehl's "Burley Flake #4"

TFH = Two Friend's "Heritage"

CEPS = Cornell & Diehl's Captain Earle's Private Stock

AHF = Cornell & Diehl's After Hour Flake

GLPCM = G.L. Pease "Chelsea Morning"

GLPF = G.L. Pease "Fillmore"

HO = Cornell & Diehl's "Herman's Own"  There doesn't seem to be a review on TobaccoReviews.com, so this would be a great time to add one! (Hint)

BF (cc) = Cornell & Diehl's "Briar Fox" (crumble cake).  This is an excellent Danish crumble cake made of Virginias. 

SHF = Cornell & Diehl's "Sunset Harbor Flake"  This Taste Bud was a little on the dry side, so we rehydrate it, rendering it much less of a flake than you might normally expect.  Smokes great though.

HRF = Honeyrose Farmers.  This is not non-tobacco smoking product that I purchased to try for myself, and after just one bowl I knew I just had to share it with you.  Because I liked it?  No, because I knew there was no way I was ever going to smoke another bowl, so I had to do SOMETHING with what was left!  Anyway, give it a try, 'cuz who knows, you might love it.  www.honeyroseusa.com

EI = Earth Impact Herbal Mixture.  Again, just like Honeyrose Farmers above this non-tobacco product this stuff just wasn't for me.  It's sold by Honeyroseusa.com if you want more of it.  I'd love to hear from you if you liked this! 

Here's the video that started it all.

Aristocob Tagline Contest Winner Announced!

Today was International Pipe Smoking Day, and we were happy to announce the winner(s) in our tagline contest. Below is the video announcing the winner(s). Thanks to everyone who posted a tagline and watch for some awesome SWAG with these new taglines!

Here's the winning video and tagline. Congratulations David!

Win a "Neked" Diplomat corn cob pipe Tagline Contest!

Watch the video below and leave your best tagline here or on our Facebook page:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aristocob/102500969787186 (Got to do something about that silly URL!)  Anyway, we'll pick a winner or winners next Monday, Feb 19th, 2012.

We're on to Taste Buds #3!

If you missed it, we announced a few weeks back a new project where we are including sample packs of tobacco upon request, with any pipe order.  We call this project "Taste Buds".  So far we've distributed McClelland "Easy Street", Cornell & Diehl's "Burley Flake #1", and now we are moving on to Cornell & Diehl's "Burley Flake #4". 

Check our Youtube Channel for the latest Taste Bud flavor and for information on how to get in on the action!

Here's the original Taste Bud announcement video: