Just a few of the Corn Cob Pipes available from www.Aristocob.com

We are authorized resellers of the famous Missouri Meerschaum Company's Corn Cob Pipes, which we sell through our eBay store; Aristocob. Among the items available in our store are the following:

The Legend pipe.

This is the pipe that most folks think of when they think of corn cob pipes. The #690 Legend is a highly popular filtered pipe which comes in assorted bowl shapes .

The Washington pipe.

The #1000 Washington is named for the town of Washington, MO. U.S.A., the Corn Cob Capital of the World. The bowls are in assorted shapes and it comes in both straight and bent stems.

Pony/Mizzou Mix

The #459 Pony/Mizzou Mix is an unfiltered assortment of straight short Pony Express and slender bent Mizzou. We sell these in pairs of one of each style under the name "Compact Assortment".

The Great Dane pipe

The #195 Great Dane is a quality cob with genuine hardwood fitted bottoms, which helps to prevent burn-through of the core of the cob, which is called the pith.

(We suspect this is because if your pipe burns-thorough it will "pith you off".) In two shapes: Spool and Egg.

The American family of pipes.

The #1776 American pipes include the large, tall bowl filtered General and the Unique unfiltered Patriot. The General is similar in design to the Mac Arthur, but is a more practical size. The Patriot is a popular design among Civil War reenactors.

Country Gentleman pipe

The #295 Country Gentleman pipe is one of my favorites, and has been my daily pipe for the past few years. They feature extra large dark bowls which resemble briar pipes.

The Diplomat pipe

The #1950 Diplomat is a Classic American pipe with a large oval bowl with a genuine hardwood fitted bottoms to prevent burn-through.

Freehand Pipe with and without a laser engrave Plaque

The #10FH Freehand on Plaque: Distinctive, one of a kind pipe; entirely handmade and mounted on Missouri Cedar. Truly a collectible. Also available without the plaque.

The famous MacArthur pipe

The #98M Mac has a Natural cob bowl with straight stem. Made famous by General Douglas MacArthur. Originally made to his precise specifications.

The #99M Mac has a Polished cob bowl with
bent stem. This is one of our most popular gift pipes. It takes some practice to keep this one burning, and tamping is key. Once you get it down the Mac has been known to smoke for an hour and a half!

Genuine Medico Filters

The #747 Genuine Medico Filters fit all of the filtered Missouri Meerschaum pipes, as well as pipes made by Dr. Grabow and others.

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