New Aristocob Metal Pipe with three NEW Corn Cob Liners

Here's the text from the eBay listing:

This is a new-in-the-box Aristocob by Missouri Meerschaum. It is a metal pipe with a corncob liner. The plastic box includes the metal pipe with three corncob liners and the original paperwork. They are wonderful pipes! They combine the sweet smoking of the corncob with the elegance of the metal pipe - and they are no longer produced. I, personally, have had four of these over a period of years, and this one was meant to be the back-up when I needed it. I am no longer smoking much and I have two still in operating condition. The history of my attachment to the Aristocob goes back may years. I was a Missouri Meerschaum corncob pipe smoker and was planning my first cruise. My daughter thought the corncob pipe was not "classy" enough for the cruise atmosphere and she bought me an Aristocob. It satisfied her and it satisfied me! I have learned that the way to treat them is to smoke the corncob liner until the pipe needs cleaning and a new filter. Then take out that liner and put it somewhere to let it dry, and put a new (or dried) one in and continue. That method will allow you to use the pipe for a long period by rotating the three liners."

This pipe s
old on eBay Dec 29th for $49.69 + $4.55 S&H

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