This is Not a Pipe (or a Peep)

A friend recently sent me an email with the following attachment:
The French caption reads "This is not a pipe".

My reply back was simply "Huh?"

His reply back was "Can you smoke it?"

My reply (Predictable) "Huh?"

It finally sunk in. No, it's a painting of a pipe. You can't smoke a painting. Well, I suppose you could, but that would be silly.

I Googled the phrase "This is not a pipe" and learned that this was indeed the name of a famous painting by a famous painter, René François Ghislain Magritte, a Belgian surrealist best known for his witty and thought-provoking images like the one below. This one is called "The Son of Man".

After the realization that I didn't really know everything, as my children often insist during trivia games, I continued to search and read and search and read learning more about this artist. Eventually I stumbled across the picture below that I just had to forward to my friend and now to you. Brilliant.

This is not a Peep from Coyote Crossing's photostream

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