Finally, a source for pipe tobacco

You'd think that living in the heart of tobacco country in NC that we'd be able to offer pipe tobacco with our corn cob pipes, but the reality is that though the weed is grown here it is processed in far off places like the UK, Denmark and Kentucky.

I've been asked before about which blends I prefer, and though I like several, I really enjoy a couple from Tinder Box and a place just outside of Dayton Ohio called the Tobacco Wharf. The bad news is that I don't live in Dayton anymore, and thought the closest Tinder Box store is less than 10 miles from my home, it's buried deep in a mall that I HATE to visit. I've been to some towns where the local Tinder Box is in a strip mall where you can run in and out without much fanfare, but that's not the case here.

So I was happy to learn that we can purchase their online store.

So, which blend do I like? Have you tried their semi-new "Tinder Box Reserve 1928"? Yummy! It's made for them by the McClelland Tobacco Company and is easy to pack, slightly sweet, a little nutty and it has a nice aroma that the ladies love. It's sold in tins and I highly recommend it.
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David said...


David here. Couple recommendations for some pipe tobacco. For sure you have spoken well to mention anything made by McClelland out of KC, KS. In order of favorites of theirs are: 1. Tastemaster 2. Mellow Mack 3. Town Topic 4. Captain Cool. You can find these (sometimes) at the Wharf here in Dayton, but they are usually out of stock, but can be ordered directly from McClelland. Another favorite is "Sid's Dark Delight" that we found at Smoker's Haven in Columbus, OH. (not to be confused with "The Original Smoker's Haven" which is actually not the original one...)

Happy smoking - and drop me a line next time you'll be in Dayton.

Mr Tool Hunter said...

Hey David,
I should be in Dayton over Thanksgiving! Drop me a line back at