Now site is up and running, now we need some reviews

If you are a Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe fan I'd welcome your review of the pipes found on our e-commerce site Just find a pipe you've enjoyed and leave a comment. I'll moderate the comments as quickly as I can so you can see them posted.

This site has been a labor of love for my Bride over the past few weeks, and while it has a few flaws (we need to harmonize the fonts for example) I'm really impressed. Some of the things we like most are:

  • As I mentioned above, you'll be able to post product reviews. I really dig this because I don't want this to be only my voice.
  • We can have as many non-product pages as we want. This will allow us to have more tips, links and product comparison charts to help you make your pipe selection.
  • Combined shipping on orders is a breeze! With eBay so many times you are forced to wait for the seller to send you a combined invoice. Not so with our new site.
  • The best thing is that we can now offer volume discounts! What's not to like about that?
eBay is such a pain for folks like us who are selling new products, and they've been killing us with fees. We'll still keep an active supply on eBay, but if you are interested in purchasing more than a single pipe it should behoove you to go to instead. Scott


Cokenour said...

I ordered my first pipe from Aristocob this week. I didn't receive any email confirmation and I can't find any contact information on your site.

As a business site it's critical that you have a clear vehicle for customers to contact you (I say that as a web developer).

How can I contact Aristocob to get a tracking # and order #?

Aristocob said...

We appreciate your business and understand how it feels when you place an online order and send a payment... then it's out of your hands. Not fun. That said, I guess you missed the "Contact" link on the bottom of our home page. Looking at it gain makes me think that we should change the color of the font, because it does blend in a little too much.
You should be able to check the status of your order any time IF you registered during the order process. Just click the "Login" link and, well, log in.
One thing that we also don't explain very well is that we don't capture your Paypal funds until we are ready to ship your order. You'll notice that the status on PayPal is "Pending", which means we haven't captured the funds yet. The way we look at it is that we shouldn't posses you money until your products have shipped. That may be unusual today, but that's the way we like to be treated, so that's what we like to do. Your order will ship tomorrow, so your funds will transfer from PayPay either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when my bride (Jandy) gets the order ready to ship. Check the contact page for our email address and again, thanks for your order. Scott