Pipe Smoking Tee Shirts and More

If you've visited the Aristocob blog before you may have noticed that we have a couple links to tee shirts and mugs which are for sale on Zazzle. So far all of the shirts I've shared are shirts that we designed, but as I was looking through Zazzle last night I saw several others that are quite cool. If you are a pipe smoker, or are looking for a gift for one, take a look at Zazzle. We've purchased several mugs, tees and a few little trinkets and have been quite impressed with the quality. And the best thing is if you don't see what you like you can always design something of your own, or even modify one that you see that you like. You can add a name, a photo, a saying, or anything else that your heart desires. Click on the links below to check them out. Scott
Pipe Shapes shirt
Pipe Shapes by SenecaCreative
Buy a shirt online from zazzle

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