On our way to VA with a U-Haul; thinking of cobs and change

We're on the hightway with a U-Haul trailer attached to my Father-in-law's van and a trailer full of my sisiter-in-law's worldly possessions. I got to thinking about my 9 months as an employee of U-Haul ay back in 1983. One of the many things that U-Haul rented was a temporary hitch that clamped onto the chrome rear bumper that most every car of that day possessed.

The thought that just hit me was I wonder how much income was lossed by U-Haul and other trailer rental companies when the auto industry moved to the plastic bumper. Not only do they miss-out on the rental of the hitch, but also the rental of the trailer.

We've been on the road for 30 mins or so and the only rental trailer that we've seen is tailing us quite closely. We have passed several little red Harbor Freight trailers, but no rentals.

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