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I've been a slow adopter of Facebook and other social media.  As you can plainly see from my blogs and Youtube videos I tend to have a lot to say, and FB just doesn't give me a big enough soapbox.  That said, Blogger blogs just don't lend themselves to two way conversations.  And new comments posted on Youtube videos are only visible to you if you happen to drop back by to check.  So, it's with some reluctance that I've begun to embrace Facebook.  

Initially I opened a personal page, and before I knew it my 4 sisters, my cousins, old school friends, etc started welcoming me.  That's not all bad, but literally only two of my 100+ "Facebook friends" are pipe smokers.  Also, one of my sisters sent me a personal message asking who one of my friends were because they kept commenting on her posts.

So here's what I've done: I have a personal FB page for my family and friends, and a second FB page for Aristocob activities.  I made this decision a few weeks back and oddly enough I've been posting more on the Aristocob page than on my personal page.  Weird.  

If you are on FB, or are looking for a reason to jump in, click on this link (Aristocob Facebook Page) and make sure to "like" the page.  "Liking" a page will add the comments left on those pages to your profile.  You can set it so that no one else sees it if you like, but please do consider joining the conversation.   I promise to keep the posts short and won't overwhelm you with too much chatter.  Scott

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