It's time to get "Neked"!

Some months ago we added several limited edition unfinished pipes to our inventory, which we titled "Neked".  At the time I shot and posted a video on our Youtube channel expressing my concern that they might be prone to burn-through.  I was inundated by folks who rushed to the defense of the natural, unfinished cobs; saying that they smoked cooler and lighter. 

Fast-Forward to today and we've got ourselves a problem.  We've just about sold-out of all the shapes of the Neked pipes, and when we contacted Missouri Meerschaum to reorder they confirmed that they were out of stock on the natural pipes until the next season of cob become available for use.  WHAT!?!?

Yes, the "Neked" pipes require much larger cobs than the pipes that normally get a plaster filling, and once they consume the large ones from their stock-pile they have to wait patiently for the next season's cobs to finish drying.    

So, if you are interesting in seeing for yourself what all the talk is about, you'll want to act quickly, because we are just about out of stock ourselves.  Check them out at this link: NEKED PIPES

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