Aristocob presents "Magnacob"

In the course of human events a man will occasionally reach a crossroad where he must make a choice: Live with minor irritations or do something about them? I was recently faced with this choice twice: 1.) Do I turn the car around and drive back two miles to get the hot mustard dipping sauce for my McNuggets or live with the BBQ? and 2.) where do I put this lit pipe while I make this series of cuts on my table saw? If I leave it hanging out of my mouth I'm sure I'll absent-mindedly take a few deep breathes, and then I'll feel like I did the last time I ate my mother-in-law's cooking! No, that's not a viable choice. If I set it down, where is a safe place, considering things are covered in wood dust, and the tool that I'm using is vibrating a bit too much to be a safe resting place. It was at that moment that I wished my pipe had a magnet on it so I could set it down on my saw and be assured that it was stay safe and secure.And so the Magnacob was born. I've played with several strengths of magnets and chose the one I did because it held my full pipe securely, while easily releasing with a slight lift of the stem.

I selected the Missouri Meerschaum Diplomat pipe because it is a popular size and shape, and because it has a hardwood plug in the bottom that was just screaming to be drilled-out.

The adhesive choice was a bit more scientific. I tried a couple mild adhesives thinking that the slight heat the passes through the bottom of the bowl would not be an issue. Wrong. While the bowl is somewhat warm to the touch, the adhesive wanted to liquify. I tried a couple acrylic adhesives knowing that they would be a bad choice due to their brittleness, and I was right. A couple drops on the concrete flow and the magnets broke free. I finally found the best solution in a high temp two-part epoxy.

I was so impressed by this solution that I rushed-out and purchased the URL with the intention of producing the pipes in small quantities and offering them from our site. And then... nothing happened.

Between travel for business, my wife and daughter opening a brick and mortar business and just the fast pace of life, I never got around to launching my idea. Until the weekend of the four of July 2011. I found myself back in the shop and back in the exact same situation; but this time I had my Magnacob! I set it on my saw and made my cuts, and when I retrieved it several minutes later it was safe and still fully lit and ready for action. I decided then and there that the time had come to share this with you.

Currently the Magnacob is available in the Diplomat straight and bent shapes in the smooth, polished finish. This Fall I may consider a "Neked" version, if demanded by you.

Check it out at, and check-out my embedded video on the same page. It's a little silly, but you'll get the point.

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