Adds New Missouri Meerschaum Natural pipes

In 1869 the founder of Missouri Meerschaum was granted a US patent for a unique method of corn cob pipe construction that includes a filling coat of plaster of Paris and a finish coat of lacquer.

Due to popular demand Missouri Meerschaum has just launched a new Natural line that is simply just corn cob, a wood stem and a plastic bit.  (The Freehand has a vulcanite rubber bit)  The retail prices are the same as the standard corn cob pipes due to the rare, extra large cobs that are needed to produce an all-cob bowl.

At this time we've decided to add the straight and bent versions of the General, and the Diplomat, as well as the Natural Freehand,

I shot video review video which you can view below.  I've always been a fan of the classic Missouri Meerschaum smooth pipe, and the previous natural Missouri Pride was never my favorite.  They're very light, very porous and rough, and in my limited experience with the Missouri Pride and Natural MacArthur, I believe that they'll be prone to burning through the walls if you smoke them too fast before they develop a good layer of char.

If you want to experience them please drop back by and leave a review.

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