A Fun Change With Our "Taste Buds" Tobacco Sample Program

As I explained on the video below, we've been giving away so many "Taste Bud" tobacco samples that we've decided to change the way we are announcing them. Instead of shooting a video each time we are going to ship the samples with a simple code on the bag, and then we'll post the code here on our blog, as well as a link to the tobacco on tobaccoreviews.com. If you've received a FREE Taste Bud pipe tobacco sample, or if it you have experience with the tobaccos that we post, we encourage you to leave your review either here, or on our Facebook page.

Here's the list of Tastes Buds so far:

McClellan's "Easy Street"

Cornell & Diehl's "Burley Flake #1"

Cornell & Diehl's "Burley Flake #4"

TFH = Two Friend's "Heritage"

CEPS = Cornell & Diehl's Captain Earle's Private Stock

AHF = Cornell & Diehl's After Hour Flake

GLPCM = G.L. Pease "Chelsea Morning"

GLPF = G.L. Pease "Fillmore"

HO = Cornell & Diehl's "Herman's Own"  There doesn't seem to be a review on TobaccoReviews.com, so this would be a great time to add one! (Hint)

BF (cc) = Cornell & Diehl's "Briar Fox" (crumble cake).  This is an excellent Danish crumble cake made of Virginias. 

SHF = Cornell & Diehl's "Sunset Harbor Flake"  This Taste Bud was a little on the dry side, so we rehydrate it, rendering it much less of a flake than you might normally expect.  Smokes great though.

HRF = Honeyrose Farmers.  This is not non-tobacco smoking product that I purchased to try for myself, and after just one bowl I knew I just had to share it with you.  Because I liked it?  No, because I knew there was no way I was ever going to smoke another bowl, so I had to do SOMETHING with what was left!  Anyway, give it a try, 'cuz who knows, you might love it.  www.honeyroseusa.com

EI = Earth Impact Herbal Mixture.  Again, just like Honeyrose Farmers above this non-tobacco product this stuff just wasn't for me.  It's sold by Honeyroseusa.com if you want more of it.  I'd love to hear from you if you liked this! 

Here's the video that started it all.

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