DIY Bagder Hair Bristle Shaving Brush

It doesn't happen very often that several of my interests converge, but it turns out that there are some neat DIY shaving items available that I'm excited to try.  As you can see in the attached video, I recently got a dual edge Gillette razor as a gift from my uncle (It's from 1966 and it's NEW!) and now I'm needing a better brush.  Woodcraft just happens to have genuine Badger brush parts so I can make my own brush! 

Here's a link to Woodcraft's Badger Hair Bristle Shaving Brush and related Shaving Stuff It looks like a great deal, but please note that you'll need to purchase a 20mm Forstner Bit too.  Heck, perhaps the best plan of attack would be to make a couple extra and toss them out on eBay?  Let me know if you do that.

FF to around the 3:45 point to skip the ramble.

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