Condensation in a new Amber Danish pipe bit

I just swapped-out several of my cob's bits (stems, mouthpieces) with the new Amber Danish bit and I really love the look and feel of them.  After smoking a bowl from a newly opened tin of McClelland Christmas Cheer 2012 I was surprised to see the water-works that were going on in the semi-transparent bit!  Man, that's some moist tobacco. (Click the pic to Biggie-Size it)

The new Missouri Meerschaum Amber Danish bit is available as a replacement from for any of the filtered MM pipes.  That includes the Diplomat, the General. the Country Gentleman, the 5th Avenue (That we call the Kolonel), all of the "Woodie" of maple pipes and even the smaller pipes like the Legend, the Washington, the Ozark Mountain and the Missouri Pride.

The coolest thing about these amber bits is the wonderfully dark patina that they gain after a few dozen smokes.  The photo at right shows a bit that I've had in rotation for a few months against the brand new one that was just put into service.  Isn't that top bit gorgeous? 


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