Google Voice transcription has a long way to go.

I received a voice message via Google Voice, and while the message came through just fine I had to laugh at the transcription:

Hi Scott, My name is Grain, Staples, I'm down in south city ordered a couple of a diplomat, Thank you for or wherever. Not that general put the shore We're all going to call from you to see if that would be maybe call my be a weaker to go and I got a movie and i was like and I'm a little bit and get them with you, and one of them and a pretty large trial out of, well, actually. One large on one medium shock out of the you worry m of the pie. And a little bit of a I don't know what happened to it. But softened got a hold of it and The Chelsea ordering. Not necessarily a crack all the way through. The Rambo crack on top of the room for sure. And so I was curious. If you could do something about that for me gimme a call back. I need to talk to you a picture this thing. I can't. It's (601) xxx-xxxx  And I don't like. As soon as the for me. Just wanted to get after, but since I've given you and it looks like it might be something I need to ask you about. So, gimme a buzz (601) xxx-xxxx . I'd appreciate it, bye bye.

Like I said, once I listened to the message I was good to go, but the translation wasn't even close.  It is an amazing thing that Google is able to translate voice to text, but I look forward to this feature getting better.  

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