Is "Lunting" really a word, or just hipster speak?

Recently on the forum of the site I posted this photo showing a letter and a sticker that I received from the International Lunting Society upon my membership.

One of the well-established members of the forum chimed in and after first stating his credentials as a "retired journalist/photographer and magazine editor" (aka: word nerd) he mentioned that none of his dictionaries defined lunting as anything beyond smoking or smoking a pipe and he conjectured that defining lunting as smoking a pipe while walking was probably just made up recently by a hipster.

Unfortunately, in my laziness, I quoted the Urban Dictionary in my initial post.  To remedy that I spent some time Googling (verb) and found a couple early references to Lunting as "Walking & Smoking".

The oldest document found on Google Books is from The Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia which simply states: "Lunting - Walking and smoking a pipe".  Looks like an open and shut case, but I dug on.

From there I wound up finding a definition of lunting in The English Dialect DictionaryYou'll have to slide down to the bottom of point #4 I, b., but there it is again.

So, I'm not saying that this was an exhaustive search, but it did put my mind at rest. Now I'm going to stick my new ILS sticker on my van and go for a ride and a smoke. In other words; "Vanting".

P.S. Get your own cool-smoking corn cob pipes from and enjoy happy lunting!

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