“Big Ed’s Tire & Tobacco in Lick Skillet, GA”? Yep, that’s what we said on Markwood Men’s Breakfast Club Tobacco Advent Day 11! That’s right, the eleventh daily video of our annual countdown to Christmas is up and running on the #MMBClub channel on YouTube and we’d love to have you join us! Answer our daily question via a VR either on Youtube, Facebook Live or Instagram video using the hashtag #TobaccoAdvent2017 to be entered in a drawing to win #SWAG, including a Cobbit church warden pipe. We hope to see you there. #MMBClub #TobaccoAdvent2017 #TobaccoAdvent #Aristocob #CobLife #LightUpASmile #Cornament

via Instagram http://bit.ly/2AKJ6O4

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