November is International Corn Cob Pipe Month!

Wanna win some SWAG? Check-out the announcement in our new Youtube video, were we declare November to be "International Corn Cob Pipe Month"!

How will we celebrate?

Well, first we are extending a 10% discount on all our Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes during the entire month of November.  (NOTE: This offer is now expired.  See current posts for current offers)

Second we announced in the video your opportunity to win some sweet SWAG! What's SWAG?
(Click the link) :-) You'll learn more about it in our video and in the "More Info" section in the right hand side of the page: International Corn Cob Pipe Month Announcement.

Happy Corn Cob Pipe Month to all, and we hope you join in the fun! Scott



I've been waiting to hear that Damon received his mug before posting a picture of it. I was going to ship the standard mug from my inventory, but something about that just didn't say what needed to be said about the accomplishment. I hope you have a big bladder Damon!

Update 3/22/10
Just got word from Damon that due to some personal hassles in his home town he's removed all of his pipe smoking videos from Youtube. :-( It's a shame that the 2009 winner's video will be unavailable for 2010 entrants to view before they make their entries, but at least that means there's no one to be compared to! We'll miss you Damon! Scott

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