Pipe and Pint Goes Smoke Free. Wassupwitdat?

Last weekend my son Seth and my son-in-law Nathan and I took a trip to nearby Burlington NC to buy some tools at Woodworkers Supply. Two cordless drills later we realized that we had some time to spare (Wonder how that happened...) so we stopped at JR's for a stogie.

I grabbed some bulk pipe tobacco and a couple of their Cigar of the Week; a nice 56 ring gauge Excalibur, and we were off to JR's smoking lounge... then... DANG! Where did all these people come from?

This was the first time in ten years of the occasional drop-in that I've encountered more than two other smokers, and this time there were 10 of us! My curiosity got the best of me, so when there was a pause in the obligatory sports talk I asked everyone what they did for a living. Corporate Trainer, Seminary Student, Insurance Sales Trainer, HVAC repairman, British motorcar restorer, pharmaceutical salesman, pharmaceutical disposal (friends), and two Aircraft Mechanics who were strangers before this introduction!

So now the real question: What brings you all out today? Three of the guys and one of the gals said "There's no smoking at the Pipe and Pint". WHAT?

I believe that I've mentioned the Pipe and Pint before, but to recap it's a neat little pipe and cigar store in Greensboro with a friendly and knowledgeable owner named Larry.

One thing that is always present at the P&P is a small group of regulars, just like the cast of Cheers, lounging on the few leather sofas by the door. Apparently one of the pansy-ass neighbors in the tiny strip mall complained to the owner, and emboldened by the current "tobacco is evil" mood he forced Larry to out an end to smoking in the store. The really bad news is that if Larry decides to move the store the new anti-tobacco laws that went into effect at the first of the year will require him to house the store in a freestanding building. This is wrong because Larry's store should be grandfathered, but if he moves he will have to comply with all the new rules. This will be an expensive endeavor, but I hope he can make it happen.

Larry, make sure you have a lounge, because the crew at JR's were missing you something fierce!

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