Pale pipes cause red faces

My bride Jandy recently opened a box of new Missouri Meerschaum pipes only to find that they were unusually pale. Later that day we both stood staring at the pipes you see in the photo at right. Can you see a difference? Sure you can. We contacted MM and they said that they were experimenting with a new plaster composition on their finish. Hmmm. They've been making these pipes since 1869 and you'd think that they'd have all that worked out by now.

Anyway, we have a couple pale Generals in our inventory, so if you were a fan of a pale General; like say... hummm... ya know, I can't think of a single pale general. Colonel Sanders was a pale Colonel, but that doesn't count.

Oh, wait! Retired Surgeon General General C. Everett Koop is a pale General! That even makes satirical sense.

So that settles it. We have some "Retired Surgeon General C. Everett Koop commemorative corn cob pipes" available. Order yours today while supplies last. Scott

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