Did I even show you my New Yankee Redneck sign?

The sign in this photo was made by a former coworker and buddy of mine who was, before his untimely death, one of the best carvers I'd ever met. Rusty Wright was one of the "Wright Brothers" from Ohio, who along with Craig worked with my at the Shopsmith Inc. owned Edgewood Hands-On Woodshop in Hilliard.

Once Shopsmith decided to close the store and I took a new job in NC, my employees commissioned Rusty to carve a sign for my new wood shop. It is relief carved with a gold gilded letters and a gold hand plane on each end. All of the staff signed the back and they embedded a 1999 coin in the back to date it. I'll forever cherish it and love it's message of conciliation and unity.

Rest in peace Rusty, and thank you to all my Edgewood family for the wonderful times we had together. Scott

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