Do you have a blog or a web site? Add an Aristocob Widget!

What's a widget?

THIS is a widget:

How can you get one, why would you want one, and what can you do with one once you have one?
Those are all very good questions.  

How can you get one?  Just ask.  Toss me an email at and just say, "Hey Scott, send me one of those fancy-schmancy widgets, would ya?"  I'll send you one via email.

Why would you want one?  Well, the quick answer is because you don't already have one.  The long answer is if you have a Blog or a personal web site you can show the world your interest in Aristocob corn cob pipes.  People will be impressed.  Trust me.

What can you do with one once you have one?  Tell your friends.  Click on one of the links and place an order.  There's no end to the fun! 

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