This just kills me! Chinese corn cob pipes are CRAP!

I posted the video below a few months back after encountering a Chinese corn cob pipe at a local convenience store.  Just tonight I stumbled across this photo of a new Chinese cob that in named "Henry Tibb" after the founder of Missouri Meerschaum, Henry Tibbe!  How rude and deceitful can you get?  And look at the fine quality of this pipe.  If you click on the pic you'll get a closer look; including the bubbles in the bit and the fine use of glue as a filler between the cob and the stem.

I know that there's nothing that can be done about this, but come on folks... if the pipe is from China and you feel that your MUST purchase it, please be aware that it's not worth 1/4 the price of a genuine Missouri Meerschaum pipe, yet they are often sold for exactly the same price.

Visit for the real thing.

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