A little more Missouri Meerschaum history

Several months ago I found an old Missouri Meerschaum ad while doing a Google search in the Google News Archive.  This ad talked about "Weichsel wood stems".  Now, I've been a woodworker for my entire life and this one was new to me.  When a review of my favorite woodworking books and a Google search revealed nothing more about it I contacted a couple knowledgeable old woodworking buddies including woodworking book author Nick Engler.  Nick found the answer and as I said before I posted something about it while back.  Well, this morning I was doing another search and found another reference to it: from when Missouri Meerschaum discontinued its use.  It's not much of an article, but it does mention that MM dropped the use of the German cherry wood "Weichsel" when the tariffs became too high in 1930.  Here's the article

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