A surprising message from eBay.

I just opened an email from eBay and was a little taken back.  5 years?!?  It's been a few months since we shut down our eBay store due to their outrageous fee structure, but I still do a little shopping under the Aristocob ID.  What surprised me most was the fact that it's been 5 years.   We opened this account to sell Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes, and due to the success of that venture, and based on the previous mentioned encouragement from eBay we opened www.aristocob.com.  I guess what made me want to share this with you was to take the opportunity to say thank YOU!   Jandy and I do this because we enjoy supplying these excellent American-made gems, and as a rule pipe smokers are special people too.  So that's enough schmaltz from me.  Continue doing whatever it was you were doing. 

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