When is a pair not a pair?

I received a great call this weekend asking if we would be able to put together a unique pair of pipes. This customer was interested in several different styles but at the same time was attracted to the extra discount that is applied to pairs. Just so you know we are happy to do this. We stack all our pipes in build and "pair" the pairs only as they are purchased. We offer the pairs in the first place because we had a lot of requests for them and heck, we aren't as dumb as I look. Anyway, we can't possible put o our site every imaginable combination, so here's what we'll do: If you want to purchase a pair of two identically priced pipes, just purchase a pair of them, and add a note to your order saying something like "Hey Scott and Jandy, please make this pair one bent Diplomat and one straight Great Dane Egg.". As long as the pair you request matches the price of the items in the pair you purchased we'll be happy to make this accommodation.

While we are on this subject, don't miss the fact that we have a discount structure for quantity purchases that begin with just six pipes. And the price break kicks-in even if you mis and match six pipes of different styles and price points! That means you could even purchase five of the Legends and one Freehand and save on all six. Hum mm. I should do the calculation on that one!

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