Not smoking on Manhattan Beach

Last night I finished up a long week of business travel and was about to head for The hotel fro one last night when the thought hit me that I hadn't been to the ocean yet. I had a cigar in my bag that I was saving for my end of the week "victory dance", and what better place to smoke it than on the beach while watching the sun set? I arrived a little later than I expected, so the sun was already done with it's show, but the air felt wonderful and there were still plenty of folks walking on the beach and the boardwalk near by at Manhattan Beach.
Just as I cut my cigar cap and lit her up I noticed the sign that I now describe in the following video.

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Pipe nutter said...

G'day Scott,
Yes we too in Australia have had our "rights" usurped by some tree hugging greenies...sorry, politicians. We are also not allowed to smoke on the beaches here....but we don't, or should I say I don't give a rip! I say smoke away! Enjoy your moment of relaxation, enjoy your stogie or a cob and smoke it up? Stupidity is not a U.S. thing, it is universal amongst all the apothetic peoples of the world...hard to believe huh?
Take it easy mate, Glen.