Getting a corn cob pipe to arrive in one piece

We've had several customer's comment after receiving their order that they expected to see it packaged a bit more securely. If you've not ordered from us before we use three different size boxes: a small one that will hold two pipes and several boxes of filters, a medium size box that will hold six or so pipes, and a large box that holds the HUGE MacArthur pipes and can accommodate over a dozen of our standard pipes.

What seems to surprise folks is that we wrap the pipes in paper to keep them safe, and that's about it. Well, this week I finally remembered to snap a photo of a shipment to us from Missouri Meerschaum. Note that most of the pipes from them are lose in zip-top bags! They used to ship the pipes lose in cardboard boxes, just like the ones seen in the box that contain several "Macs". Considering the fact that Missouri Meerschaum has been making and shipping these pipes since 1869, if they think the pipes are strong enough to handle this treatment, who and I to judge?

So here's the bottom line. At we do our best to handle and package the pipes in your orders so that they arrive undamaged and pristine; and we can assure you that we provide more cushioning than the manufacturer feels is warranted.

The video that I've embedded below is one were I did a box opening of our of the pipes that my bride had ready to ship. Feel free to search on Youtube for other box openings from Aristocob. Many of them are listed as "YABO" for "Yet Another Box Opening". It's a Youtube thing.

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Pipe nutter said...

Hey Scott! Just received my MM cobs and Ozark Mt bent. They arrived in one piece wrapped just the way you showed on your YouTube video. Thanks so much for your service and the little extras you threw in. Just so you know, they arrived here in Australia in just a little under 2 weeks. You definitely have a return customer.
Cheers & thanks again. I'll be posting my first video soon. Hope you're well.