Just in case you missed it... new upgrade for your Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes!

Missouri Meerschaum recently made a change to their top of the line Freehand pipe that has exciting side effects.  First off, the new bent Vulcanized rubber bit can now fit EVERY Missouri Meerschaum filtered pipe!  Vulcanized bits are a bit thicker and substantially stronger than the stock plastic bits found on all the other pipes int he MM line, and this change means that if you've always wanted a higher quality/strength bit on your cob, you now have a great option.

The second thing the change in the Freehand did was it made it possible for the Freehand to be used with pipe filters!  I know that most American pipe smokers turn their noses up at filters, but our European customers and new pipe smokers are quite fond of them.   Yes, this would mean that you'd be exchanging the excellent vulcanized bit that I just talked about for the less expensive plastic bit, but you are gaining the ability to filter. 

Anyway, these two new options are great news for two groups of customers: now you just have to decide which camp YOU are in.  Click the pic to be taken to the listing for the new bit.


Georg_Franz said...

That is great! I already ordered an Bit!

Anonymous said...

About 35 years ago I "upgraded" my stems on every MM pipe I purchased. Right off, I sawed the shank flush to the bowl and cut a garden bamboo stem, cored the pith out with coat hanger wire, cut the stem to any length I wanted, and whittled it to fit. Stems like this last for years and change outs are a breeze; takes about 10 to 15 minutes. I use a .30-.30 shell casing for a tamper...doesn't get more authentic than that! You might add cane stems to your line...with my blessing. No royalties required!