Gentlemen, allow me to introduce "The Kernel"

In response to the lack of large diameter cobs that they need to make the apple-shaped Diplomat, Missouri Meerschaum has informed us that they are reintroducing an old bowl shape that was used in the original Diplomats called the "5th Avenue".  If you click on the photo at right you'll get a better look at it.  The pipe in question are the three on the card that have the straight, cylindrical sides.  I like the shape a lot, but to my eye it's more of a small General than is is a Diplomat.

How about a little story?

When I was a teenager my dad was a US Air Force Colonel and was the second in command of the F-16 program.  This was way back in the late 1970's-'81 and one of my favorite things to do when visiting his office was to change his name on his white board (something that was new and exciting back then) from "Colonel Markwood" to "Kernel Markwood".  It always made me laugh, and I'm sure it annoyed him to no end.

So it is with that thought that I'm happy to announce that while we will begin stocking the new 5th Avenue pipe, it will be sold at as "The Kernel" or perhaps as "The Kolonel".  The best news of all is that The Kernel will soon be available as a Magnacob as well! 

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