With so many options, which corn cob pipe should I smoke?

I just received the following message from a new smoker, and after typing my response to him I decided that you might want to hear the answer too.

Dear sir. 
 I am new to smoking and got two very nice pipes from a friend of mine (briar). I would like to get two pipes from you to break myself into pipe smoking. Do you have some good recommendations for me to look at? I am a cigar smoker for 1 year and would like a pipe that smokes 10-40 minutes and one that smokes 30-60 minutes. Any suggestions or help is very appreciated.  Jamie 

Hey Jamie,
For a quick smoke I would suggest one of the following as they are all basically the same pipe with a different finish:
The Legend
This is Missouri Meerschaum's most popular pipe, and it's the one most people think of when they think of a corn cob pipe.  The bit is amber in color and the bowl has a slight yellow color that's added to the finish on the cob.  This cob is filled, but is still a little rough.

The Missouri Pride
This pipe is completely unfinished, or "Neked".  Some folks like this, others don't.  The cob is very rough but it smokes nicely.  This is probably the one pipe that I would say is most likely to burn-through.  The bit is black.

The Washington
This is a rather sophisticated cob.  It is filled with plaster before being smoothed and finished with a clear finish.  The bit is black.

The Ozark Mountain
Again, this is the same size as the pipes listed above, but rather than being made of cob it's made entirely of the hardwood birch. 

As for the longer smoker, I'm a fan of several:
The Gentleman
I LOVE this pipe!  This would be my all-around favorite if only it had the hardwood bottom like the others listed below.  This has the same black bit as is found on the pipes listed above.  I always swap these out.  Read on...

The Diplomat
This has become my everyday pipe in my van and in my shop.  Depending on what I smoke in it, it will last me from 30-45 minutes.  Like the Washington the cob on the Diplomat is filled, finished with a clear finish and has a black bit; but the bit on this pipe is my favorite.  It's called the Danish bit, and it's the bit that I use on all my pipes.  The Diplomat is also available with a rare earth magnet sit into the bottom and is sold as the Magnacob.  You can see it at Magnacob.com

The General
This is a very large bowl, but not ridiculously so.  This pipe will smoke 40-60 minutes every time.  It has the same smooth finish that's found on the Diplomat, and also features the Danish bit.

The Freehand
This pipe is just in a class by itself.  It's hand turned on a lathe and is in the style of the classic freehand briar pipes.  It has a very expensive vulcanized rubber bit, that's just like the aftermarket bits that are sold elsewhere for $20 and up for just the bit alone.  This is the perfect pipe to put on your birthday wish list. 

Final thoughts:
With the exception of the Freehand, all of these pipes can accommodate a filter.  You don not have to smoke them with the filter installed, and many people actually cut the filters into two or three short sections to act as an ash catcher rather than a filter.  

I am not a huge fan of the Patriot or the MacArthurs.   The bits are very slim and delicate and are prone to breaking, and the Macs are very though to keep lit.

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