Your new Riccardo Santia Ultimat Corn Cob pipe is ready

It’s been a bit of a journey, but the first batch of Riccardo Santia “Ultimate Corn Cob Pipes” are in their new homes, and hopefully being put to good use.  Just last night we posted the over 20 on and as I type this 12 hours later we have sold 4 of them.  Of course, the first one sold was the one that I was thinking about buying for myself!  I thought I’d share a few photos with you that you might like. 
The first one is a photo of what Riccardo and I consider the first generation.  Most of these pipes were awarded as prizes in a contest on the Aristocob Youtube channel as we were looking for feedback on the pipes. 

The next photo (With all the letters next to the pipes) is the pic that was sent out to all the guys who committed sight unseen to purchase one of the pipes from the first batch of what we call generation two.  These are what we are currently calling the Riccardo Santia Ultimate Corn Cob Pipe line, and these showed a major evolution in Riccardo’s skill, as well as a vast improvement in the cobs themselves.  These pipes are made from genuine Missouri Meerschaum cobs that Riccardo now purchases unfinished from MM.  You really can’t beat the quality of the cobs that MM has grown for their use, and we were pleasantly surprised that the folks at MM are willing to support a “competitive” pipe maker.   Our hat is off to Phil Morgan, General Manager at Missouri Meerschaum.

Finally, I’m sharing a couple pics of a few of the pipes that have just been posted to  Some of these have already sold, but other like them will be on their way, so check back or contact us with your request.  Click any of these pics to Biggie-Size them.

I've noticed that the Ultimate Corn Cob Pipes that catch my eyes are ones that I'd describe as partially smooth and partially rusticated.  Two pipes shown here have really captured my heart, and unfortunately, the bent one is the one that was sold out from under me.

Get your own Riccardo Santia Ultimate Corn Cob Pipe at and tell him that Scott from sent ya. 

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