2012 Pipe Smokers Survey

Two years ago one of my favorite web sites, PipesMagazine.com conducted a fascinating survey of just under 1000 pipe smokers.  It covered such things as current age, age you began smoking, how much you've spent on any single pipe, and so on.

I was excited when I learned that they were conducting another survey, and it looks like I just squeaked in under the deadline.  This morning I received the preliminary results and just as before they are quite interesting.  Below is a link to both the 2012 and the 2010 survey, and I think you'll see as I did that they've done an excellent job improving the visuals and keeping the topics varied and interesting.  

Another job well done by Kevin Godbee!

2012 PipesMagazine.com Pipe Smokers Survey

2010 PipesMagazine.com Pipe Smokers Survey

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