Update on e-cig vaping experiment

The photo at right was taken at Gino's in Philly a few weeks back. I was there on business and my bro-worker Brew and I made a side trip to Gino's and Pats to settle once and for all who makes the best cheese steak. I'm still and Gino's fan and Brew is still a Pat's fan; so I guess we'll have to hit them both again. :-)

In my last post I talked about my decision to give "vaping" a try, and even though I was hoping that my e-cigs would arrive in time for this trip they didn't. They were waiting when I arrived home so I waited no time in digging in.

The vapor is unlike smoke in many ways. For one thing it's lighter than smoke, so as it leaves my mouth and heads straight up. This was unexpected and a bit odd after 30 years of pipe and cigar smoking, but it's not a deal killer by any means.

Another difference is that while the vapor is in my mouth I can taste it; but the moment I blow it out I can pick-up all the taste. Weird. I called my son to see if he was experiencing the same thing, and before I had the chance to ask he said "Hey, did you notice how you don't taste the flavor until you exhale?"

The most surprising thing is that everyone has been lying to us. Everywhere you look on the web about e-cigs they always say that the vapor has no smell. Well, let's just say that their pants are on fire. Now, the smell isn't the same as smoke, and it's not unpleasant, but it does have a smell.

I've determined that vaping is no replacement for my pipe, but also that I like it for those occasions where pipe smoking is out of the question. I decided to shoot a short video for my Youtube channel, and what started out as a short vid became three vids. Here they are:

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