I ordered some more e-juice from Johnson Creek

One last post on vaping. (I think it's my last)
I've worked my way through the Johnson Creek sampler and have found my favorites. I'm really like the Tennessee Cured (TC), which is quite a bit like pipe tobacco. I also assumed that I'd like the vanilla, and for sure a few drops mixed with the TC is a hit. What really surprised me was how much I enjoyed the Chocolate Truffle! Like the TC it was even better with a few drops of the vanilla.

So, I've reordered a larger bottle of the Vanilla and the Chocolate Truffle. Why didn't I order more of the TC? Because it's so much like pipe tobacco I felt like I'd reserve that taste for actual pipe smoking. I'm sure I'll regret that choice as soon as my sample is gone, but that's where I am tonight.

Another bottle that I ordered tonight was a variation on chocolate from a new line from Johnson Creek that they call Red Oak. All of the e-juices in the Red Oak line are made without Propylene Glycol, or PG, like their standard smoke juices. PG is on the FDA's list of substances generally recognized as safe, and is used in everything from fog machines to artificial flavors, but some folks have been asking for an alternative, so Johnson Creek developed a reduced PG recipe that uses Vegetable Glycerine as the main vapor-producing agent. This is their Red Oak line, and on my order I added a bottle of Red Oak Swiss Chocolate. I'll update this post once I've given it a few tries.

So that's it. e-Cigs will not and cannot replace my pipe, but they don't really have to. Just like chewing gum vaping has it's place in my life.

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