QR codes

I have to admit that I'm a little fascinated by QR codes. They are starting to pop-up everywhere and I can't seem to stop myself from scanning them.

For example, last weekend I was buying plants at our local Lowes and the nursery who supplies Lowes with the plants had a QR code on their display that linked directly to tips on selecting, planting and caring for the very plants that I was looking for. Because of this I learned that I needed to grad some lime while I was there to make sure that my tomato's roots don't rot. Very smart, especially if they also make lime.

My wife and daughter have a new children's clothing resale store and their first ad contained a small QR code that takes you directly to their info page on their website.

I suppose I better get over that compulsion because someone is bound to find a way to send me to a virus or brainwashing center with me as a co-conspirator!

Anyway, not to be outdone I've taken a stab at creating a QR code myself. It's nothing special, but if your phone has a scanner app give it a try.

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