See the results of an interesting survey of pipe smokers

Back in September 2010 I received an email from Kevin Godbee, owner and Publisher of asking if I would be interested in participating in a survey of pipe smokers. The questions sounded interesting and they made me Douro us about what other smokers were experiencing, so I took the time to complete it and then forgot about it completely. Until today. I received an email that I assumed was just the regular message announcing a new article, but low and behold it was announcing the results of the survey! The results are the result (that felt redundant)of lots of hard work, and seeing that they had a corporate sponsor I will not disclose any of the results here, but I can tell you that it's an interesting read. Check it out at: While we're on the subject, make sure you bookmark and check back often. It's full of articles, blogs and pic of beautiful pipe smoking babes. Be sure to check-out the corn cob pipe smoker. Scott

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