The Riccardo Santia YABO's are starting to roll in

If you missed it, we have received the fist ten Riccardo Santia "Ultimate" custom corn cob pipes, and because I opened my fat mouth and mentioned a price that was $10 lower than what Riccardo and I ultimately agreed to as a MSRP, we decided that we'd allow the first 6 pipes to go for the price that I mentioned in my video. These preordered pipes have been trickling out as each person on the list selects their pipe, and we just noticed the first YABO ("Yet Another Box Opening") was just posted for one of the first pipes we shipped. Here's that first YABO and there's one funny moment to watch for. I failed to mention that Riccardo (Whom I call "Carlos") added a bamboo tamper to each order, and when Steve pulls it from the pipe pouch you can see that he has a moment where he is wondering if the pipe arrive in pieces. More to come and if you are interested in getting your own Riccardo Santia pipe, check them out at

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